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Experts in family law

At Burrough's Solicitors we understand that sometimes relationships fail. We offer legal services for divorce proceedings, cohabitation disputes and matters regarding child custody. We will be able to advise you as to your rights and entitlements, and will address any concerns you may have. We can offer you the best advice on how to take control of your situation.

We provide legal advice and representation for a range of family law cases, including:

• Divorce and separation

• Civil partnerships and disputes

• Cohabitation agreements and disputes

• Financial matters

• Domestic violence

• Matters relating to children

Whatever the case may be

We understand that family law cases can be difficult and upsetting. We will work with you sympathetically, whilst at the same time striving to advance your interests, attempting where possible to negotiate and reach an agreement that suits you. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your case.

Acting in your interest


For legal advice on any family law case call us on:

01622 685 719